St. Patrick Brings Christianity to Ireland at the Hill of Tara – PPAC Challenge

The Always Write blog challenges users to post art found in public places. Here is my submittal for the PPAC Challenge.

This is a sculpture of St. Patrick on the beautiful Hill of Tara in Ireland. I’m no history professor, so I won’t even try to explain tremendous cultural and religious importance of the site. However, I strongly encourage you to look into the history of the druid burial site that has been sacred to the Irish for millennia.

It was at the Hill of Tara where it is believed that St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland.

A panoramic view of the burial mounds. Tunnels open up on the side of the hill to allow that allowed ancient people access under the mounds.

On a clear day you can see for miles down upon the verdant countryside.

The statue of St. Patrick is not the only artwork you’ll see at the Hill of Tara, there are other sculptures, painted glass, and beautiful wood and ironwork around the site.

A stone monument on top of the Hill of Tara.

If you’d like to learn more about the site you should check out the video below or plan a trip and visit yourself.

Umbrellas Outside the Mall – Kilkenny, Ireland – PPAC Challenge

Sure, this doesn’t fit my usual music themed content but I thought it was beautiful and I wanted to share. So here is another PPAC Challenge entry.

My wife and I strolled the streets of Kilkenny during my first trip to Ireland. She is the daughter of Irish immigrants and Kilkenny was the home of her father many years ago.

She tried to find the street where her grand parents used to live, even though she knew the house was no longer there. It had been razed years ago to build a bustling city block.

She wasn’t exactly sure where we were going, but she knew there was a mall there now. It didn’t take us long until we we found this alley, leading to the mall which stands where her grandparents once lived. The colorful umbrella installation was a delightful surprise and it brightened our day, even if the sky was grey.

Kudos to whomever is responsible. Well done!

PPAC Challenge- Sculpture Outside Kilkenny Castle

Sure, this doesn’t fit my usual music themed content but I figured these cheeks are remarkable enough for a PPAC Challenge post.

A sculpture outside Kilkenny Castle, Ireland. I’m not sure who the sculptor was.

These sculptures are viewable from the street through the gates at Kilkenny castle. But luckily, entrance to the garden is free so you can get an even better look.

You’ll have to pay a small fee to enter the castle, but it’s well worth it. The tapestries, furniture, and numerous paintings offer plenty to scratch itch for art lovers and history buffs alike.

If you’re interested in learning more about my experience in Kilkenny, be sure to subscribe. I’ll be posting about the music shortly.


PPAC Challenge: Pink Predator Sculpture #DublinInk

The Always Write blog challenges users to post art found in public places. Here is my submittal for the PPAC Challenge this week.

My wife and I landed at Dublin airport early in the morning. Our hotel, the Moxy Dublin, wasn’t ready for us to check in yet, so we walked to my wife’s favorite breakfast spot, the Queen of Tarts pastry shop. We sat on a bench for about half an hour as the staff opened the shop and this pink beast stood silently standing watch from the window from the tattoo shop across the street, Dublin Ink.

Sadly I didn’t get a tattoo that day, so I can’t vouch for the quality of the artwork they put on bodies. Maybe next trip. However, I can vouch for the sculpture in the window and for the delightful cardamum-cinnamon bun I had at Queen of Tarts. Definitely check it out!

Thin Lizzy – Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in Its Spotlight)

I love listening to Phil Lynott sing. Thin Lizzy could give you a lot of different-sounding songs. In this song, it sounds like Phil was listening to…

Thin Lizzy – Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in Its Spotlight)

PPAC Challenge #61 – “Art” at Guinness Open Gate Brewery

The Always Write Blog challenges users to post art found in public places. Here is another submittal for the PPAC Challenge #61.

A sculpture in the lobby of the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin.

You can find this colorful artwork in the lobby of the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Truth be told, this sculpture is technically just beyond turnstiles of the facility so I shouldn’t submit it because the rules say that the art should be free. You can see this from the lobby without paying if you really want to, but seriously, pay to go in. You’ll find lots of great artistic exhibits including sculptures, advertising campaigns, educational material, and of course beer!

Ireland Adventure Series

Normally my blog focuses on musical hobbies. That is still my intent, however, I’m sitting here in the Dublin airport awaiting my flight back to the U.S. and I feel like I have so much to share about my holiday in Ireland. I want to document and share my experiences, musically related and otherwise.

Trim Castle, Ireland

So, I’ve decided to do a brief mini-series about my trip. I’ve got some great photos, videos, and travel tips that could be very useful to you if you’re planning a trip to Ireland, or if you’re just here because you’re curious about the culture or want to experience the beauty!

Here are a few posts you can look forward to seeing here in the weeks ahead.  If any of them pique your interest, you should be sure to follow me to make sure you get updates when they are posted.

Planned Blogs

  • My musical experiences from Ireland including venues in Kilkenny and Dublin.
  • Traveling the world to experience music from other cultures.
  • Our special tour of the Ring of Kerry.
  • Other Travel Insights

Photo Blogs

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