St. Patrick Brings Christianity to Ireland at the Hill of Tara – PPAC Challenge

The Always Write blog challenges users to post art found in public places. Here is my submittal for the PPAC Challenge.

This is a sculpture of St. Patrick on the beautiful Hill of Tara in Ireland. I’m no history professor, so I won’t even try to explain tremendous cultural and religious importance of the site. However, I strongly encourage you to look into the history of the druid burial site that has been sacred to the Irish for millennia.

It was at the Hill of Tara where it is believed that St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland.

A panoramic view of the burial mounds. Tunnels open up on the side of the hill to allow that allowed ancient people access under the mounds.

On a clear day you can see for miles down upon the verdant countryside.

The statue of St. Patrick is not the only artwork you’ll see at the Hill of Tara, there are other sculptures, painted glass, and beautiful wood and ironwork around the site.

A stone monument on top of the Hill of Tara.

If you’d like to learn more about the site you should check out the video below or plan a trip and visit yourself.