What Can I Do For You? What Can You Do For Me? How Can You Help Yourself?

Follow-Up to “Welcome to Plan M”

Recently I published the “Welcome to Plan M Blog.” Prior to that I had a rough idea of where I wanted to take this series, but the picture wasn’t clear until I put pen to paper and wrote it down.  As I got to the end of that post, it was apparent that this shouldn’t be just another guitar blog.  Although I am a guitar player, this blog needs to be about more than just guitar.  The digital realm is already saturated with those.

I want this blog to be about MUSIC, and helping adults enrich their lives through music.  This means that I’m going to need to create content that reaches out to fans of classical music, hip-hop, metal, country, world music, pop, etc. 

I want to write for people who bought an instrument during the lockdown who hoped to learn to play from YouTube videos. I want it to resonate with those who did so successfully, as well as those who gave up and stuffed it in the back of the closet. I want to connect with people who played in bands when they were young but got nudged away from music when the pressures of adult life got them down.  I want to coax them back toward the tunes that they love.  Perhaps most importantly, I want to reach out to people who never had the opportunity to learn an instrument, but still have an insatiable lust for music.

I’m in my forties now, and I relate to all the people I just described above.  In fact, at one point or another, I was each of those people.  That’s not who I am today though.  Today, I’m a guy with a day job who likes to play rock music on Thursday nights in the basement with buddies.  I plan live-band karaoke parties to get my friends involved. I’ve been able to build music back into my life in lots of other creative ways and I’m going share them all with you.

I only mention it here, because if I’m not careful, I may end up focusing my suggestions on guitar players because that’s where my current interest is. That would be fine, but I want to be more inclusive than that. I play a few instruments, but some I haven’t played in a while – out of sight, out of mind. 

I’m making this request for you to hold me accountable.  If this blog becomes too guitar focused, you should send me a message and remind me to come back to other musicians.  Trust me, I’ve got ideas for everyone, I just don’t have time to write all the posts. 

Are you someone who relates to what I’ve written above?  If so, please leave a comment and tell me your story.  If I have suggestions for you, I’ll write those articles first.  Consider it a perk of being one of the first to read and subscribe to my blog.  Thanks for reading rock stars, divas, moguls, & maestros!

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Goblin Ears

I'm clinging to my youth by enjoying music as much as I can. Want to join me?

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