My Favorite Thing to Do with Music – by Ben Levin

If you’re looking to learn more about music or want to consume some eccentric YouTube videos about music you need to check out Ben.

Polyphia Play With Intricacies on New Track ‘Neurotica’

Now that it’s the weekend and you’re not dedicating your brain power towards work, you’ll have time to digest Polyphia’s new track ‘Neurotica’! This …

Polyphia Play With Intricacies on New Track ‘Neurotica’

Cleere’s Bar and Theater, Kilkenny, Ireland – Artist Unkown – PPAC Challenge

I’m really happy to combine my PPAC Challenge entry this week with my musical content.

This hand painted sign is a repurposed old door outside Cleere’s Bar and Theater in Kilkenny.

A painting outside Cleere’s Pub, taken August 22, 2022.
A hand-painted bodhran, a traditional Irish drum, is used to reserve the table for the musicians.

I’ve got another post planned to describe the incredible musical experience I had at Cleere’s, but for now, please be sure to check out their YouTube channel below. Also, be sure to check out my recent post about the music in Dublin. Perhaps it will hold you over until you can plan a trip to Ireland.

“Hydronaut” by Shiva the Destructor – another #HastyMusicReview to #SupportUkraine

Some of you may be trying to support Ukrainian musicians with the #Music4Ukraine Challenge, but maybe you don’t know where to start. I’m here to help. I will be publishing a series of mini blog posts about some of the great Ukrainian music I’ve found, and I’ll give tips about the types of listeners I think might enjoy it. If that description matches you, then I hope you’ll dig further into the artist to learn more and share what you find with your music-loving friends!


By Shiva the Destructor

The first thing I notices was the stunning psychedelic temple artwork.  It gave me a sense being drawn into an epic story, and the music delivered!

The song starts with a swirling with delay effect accentuated by modulation creating an underwater feeling.  Eventually a gnarly and present bass lick sludges through the bottom end foreshadowing the journey that is to come.

Guitar riff slides up the neck then abruptly gets choked off gives just a moment of respite, allowing the tune to gasp for breath before it digs back in.

Eventually the tune dies off again, but instead of starting back up as it was, it restarts with series of bright arpeggios. This creates a slightly more optimistic vibe for just a moment until the heavy guitars assault the low end again- this time they crush with increasing pressure.

You might be lulled into thinking that this is a purely instrumental tune, but so you may be surprised when the lyrics start 3:26 into the song.  Be patient.  The voice is haunting and at times trippy- spinning in the swirling into and out of the guitar lines. 

The lyrics are poignant and dark- it’s one of the few songs I’ve listen to that has a full set of discernable lyrics, sung in English.

After the vocals tell their story, the guitars pick up the intensity again and wander through a harmonized solo, ultimately arriving in the land of ambience, where they joined by an organ that opens a gap for the lyrics to rejoin the mix one final time.

Hydronaut is a beautiful soundscape that envelops a heavy griding rock tune. I think it’s likely to be enjoyed by the subset of Tool fans that don’t need everything to be super heavy (sorry, I know some of you need it to be ultraheavy and this isn’t for you), grunge fans, psychedelic rock, fans of dark complex grooves, stoners

If you’re looking for other great Ukrainian music, I encourage you check out the playlist below. As I find more tunes, I’ll add them there.  I plan on publishing more “Hasty Music Reviews” like this to help you find the artist that bests suits your style. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about #Music4Ukraine be sure to check out my Listen for A Cause post.

Hobby #4: Create a Fake Band – HUH???

I hadn’t planned this post, but I woke up early this morning and this was on YouTube. It’s already the last day of August, summer is falling. That marks this time sensitive so here we go…

Pat Finnerty does a comedy video series called “What Makes this Song Stink.” It’s tremendously clever satire of YouTube videos loosely following the format of Rick Beato’s music appreciation series called “What Makes This Song Great.” You should check them both out. Seriously, they’re some of my favorite channels.

Pat recently made a video poking fun at the MGK song Emo Girl. In his video he analyzes the song and forms a fake band and records a song in the same style.

The name of the fake band is August is Falling and their first fake song is called Mad This Summer. Long story short, through a strange series of event which he describes in the video below, August is Falling accidentally became a real band and now the members are inching closer to that elusive hot tub money.

Like Pinocchio, this fake band wants nothing more than to be a real band, but they need subscribers. So check them out below and subscribe. Then go back and watch all of Pat’s videos. I recommend watching them in order because his material is rife with call backs to previous jokes.

It’s ok, click away, enjoy Pat and Rick’s videos, then come back and leave me a comment if you enjoyed it.

Maybe you’ll feel inspired an you’ll want to start your own fake band. If so, you may want to write parody songs like Pat Finnerty does. If so, you may want to check out my post on writing parodies for some more inspiration.


Garage bands, guitars, notebook paper

Sharing a fun story about a garage band I did as an unconventional back-to-school piece. Teenagers are still teenagers. 🙂

Garage bands, guitars, notebook paper

#Music4Ukraine – A Playlist

I’ve been featuring this playlist in many of my Hasty Music Reviews lately. However, the playlist is but a small feature of those posts so I wanted to put it out here in the open to make it easy for you to find.

This playlist is all Ukrainian artists from many different genres. There is a lot of incredible talent here. I hope you’ll give it a listen as a show of support for the artists of Ukraine.

Hopefully you’ll hear something that you love and it will inspire you to listen deeper into that artist. When you do, please share what you found with others. Here are some tips about how you can leverage you musical consumption to support those under attack.

Do you have any recommendations of Ukrainian music for me? Have you used playlists to support other social causes? If so, let me know in the comments.

PPAC Challenge: Eric Schultz Reconnecting

I recently learned of the PPAC Challenge and thought it would be fun to share pic I snapped of this fellow playing the banjo.

This is by an artist named Eric Schultz and it is called “Reconnecting.” I spotted it during the Memorial Day parade in Hopewell, New Jersey.

Ukrainian music group Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision amid war with Russia

Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest, a clear show of popular support for the group’s war-ravaged nation that went beyond …

Ukrainian music group Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision amid war with Russia

Ukrainian Music Gear Auction- #Musicians4Ukraine