Hobby #27: Write Song Parodies

Here is a quick idea for the song writers.  Rewrite the lyrics of your favorite songs.

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to rewrite the lyrics to our favorite songs. We’d then record them on cassette and share them with our friends. It was a silly endeavor, but it was enormous fun. It’s been 25 years since, and I still sing along in my head to “Sweet Volvo of Mine” or the Neil Youngs classic, “Only Farts Can Break Your Heart.”

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Weird Al Yankovic is the king of this, but you can do it too and
it’s easier than ever to get started. I doubt you’ll be as funny as he is, but
I dare you to prove me wrong.  Feel free
to try by posting a link to your songs in the comments.

YouTube has karaoke versions of many songs that you can use as accompaniment,
so you don’t even need to play an instrument.
You could quickly record your song and upload it to YouTube or TikTok.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be a star!

By the way, my inspiration for this idea came from the Kelly Clarkson song, “Because
of You.”  I had been editing technical
documents at my day job, and these alternate lyrics just sprung into my mind.

Because of you, when I speak, I bury the lead

Because of you, when I write, I do it passively

Because of you, I make it hard for those who read, because I never write the least bit actively

Because of you

I know song lyrics about grammar are not likely to be a big hit, but it made me chuckle, so it was worth it and that should be enough for a hobby.

One parting thought, this could be a great educational way to have fun with the kids too.  It might make the next Disney classic a little more bearable when you hear the lyrics that your family wrote instead of the recorded versions that you’ve already heard a thousand times.  

Have fun!

If you’re looking for a very goofy way to write a parody check out Stevie T’s take below.