“Up In the Sky” by Somali Yacht Club – A Hasty Music Review to Support Ukrainian Musicians #Music4Ukraine

Some of you may be trying to support Ukrainian musicians with the #Music4Ukraine Challenge, but maybe you don’t know where to start. I will be publishing a series of mini blog posts about some of the great Ukrainian music I’ve been listening to and I’ll give tips about the types of listeners I think might enjoy it. If that description matches you, then I hope you’ll dig further into the artist to learn more and share what you find with your music-loving friends!

“Up In The Sky”

By Somali Yacht Club

  • The intro starts with a slow and heavy fuzzed out guitar riff which reminds me of some of the down tempo Black Sabbath tunes if covered by a 1990s grunge band.
  • The singer at times sounds a bit like Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots fame, although his voice is mixed very low relative to the guitars, so the lyrics are hard to hear.
  • The lyrics are in slow motion, simple yet moody.   The same line is repeated many times, so even though it’s difficult to hear the words, you’ll still be able to get the gist.
  • A little more than halfway through there is a sudden double time variation of the original riff which again reminds me of Sabbath.
  • Like many of the other songs I’m reviewing, this is a long tune, roughly 8 minutes.  This may be unfamiliar for fans of American rock and pop where songs rarely reach 3 minutes, but it’s nice because it allows you enough time to get lost in the groove.
  • This song is recommended for fans of proto metal, grunge, and shoe gaze.

If you’re looking for other great Ukrainian music I encourage you check out the playlist below. As I find more tunes I’ll add them there and I plan on publishing more “Hasty Music Reviews” like this to help you find the artist that bests suits your style. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about #Music4Ukraine be sure to check out my Listen for A Cause post.

These are some of my the tunes I’m exploring as part of the #Music4Ukraine Challenge. What are you listening to? Share your favorites with your friends.