“Kurs Valüt” by Kurs Valüt: Another Hasty Music Review for People Supporting #Music4Ukraine

Some of you may be trying to support Ukrainian musicians with the #Music4Ukraine Challenge, but maybe you don’t know where to start. I’m here to help. I will be publishing a series of mini blog posts about some of the great Ukrainian music I’ve found and I’ll give tips about the types of listeners I think might enjoy it. If that description matches you, then I hope you’ll dig further into the artist to learn more and share what you find with your music-loving friends!

Kurs Valüt

By Kurs Valüt

  • It’s interesting that the name of the song is also the artist.  I’m not sure if that’s intentional or if Spotify has the wrong title.  Either way, I find it intriguing.
  • I’d describe the genera as Industrial electronica.
  • The synthesizers licks drone over a “four on the floor” kick drumbeat (um chic um chic…)
  • The vocals are sung in Ukrainian (I presume, perhaps it’s another language). Although I can’t understand them, they add a moody ambiance with periodic large jumps that prevent it from getting old.  Moreover, the fact that I can’t understand the lyrics mean that the voice becomes another instrument and they blend well into the vibe of the band.
  • The sound is reminiscent of Orgy, Static X or Ramstein if you remove the dominance of heavily distorted guitars.
  • I recommend it for people who love dark driving electronic grooves.  

If you’re looking for other great Ukrainian Music I encourage you check out the playlist below. As I find more tunes I’ll add them there and I plan on publishing more “Hasty Reviews” like this to help you find the artist that bests suits your style. Also, if you’re interested in learning more about #Music4Ukraine be sure to check out my Listen for A Cause post.

This playlist will be updated occasionally as I learn more about the amazing music in Ukraine.

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